Farm to Classroom Bulletin, October 2017. As autumn sets in, students prepare the garden for rest and enjoy lighting up the cob oven for baked apples, pears and squash. The middle school students spend their days cooking with fresh apple cider, the three sisters, and learning how to make cheese! Click here to read more.


Farm to Classroom Bulletin, September 2017. School is back in session! Our students spent the month of September in the garden and culinary arts room engaging with the season's abundance. From scavenger hunts to cider pressing, we made the most of the last few sunny weeks. Click here to read more about our classroom activities in September.


Farm to Classroom Bulletin, May 2017. Our elementary students' Farm to Classroom days were full of outdoor activities: traveling around Mt. Baker Farm by train, meeting donkeys and goat, learning about the health of our school's 100-year-old big leaf maple tree, and painting watercolors of new garden growth. Our middle school students took a field trip to West Beach Farm for a compost building intensive. Click here to read more about our adventures during the month of May!



Farm to Classroom Bulletin, April 2017. I've decided to switch things up a bit for this month's blog posting. Instead of highlighting all the wonderful things our students accomplished this month, we will be focusing on one lesson in particular: "Rediscovering and Appreciating Dandelions" Click here to read about our Dandelion lesson.


Farm to Classroom Bulletin, March 2017. During the month of March, the sun began to shine brighter on our school garden. With spring on our minds, we tested our knowledge of edible and medicinal herbs by playing a cooperative board game, developed a garden map, created teacups from clay, examined the native plant Stinging Nettle, and worked together to transport healthy soil throughout the garden. Click here to read about our spring classes.



Farm to Classroom Bulletin, December 2016 and January 2017. Over the course of the month we practiced meditation, baking warm winter treats, making botanical skincare products, knitting, dyeing wool and crafting with felt. Click here to read about our winter wellness projects and wool creations.

Farm to Classroom Bulletin, November 2016. This month our students had the opportunity to share the classroom with a few visitors. Our elementary students learned about local flora from San Juan Island botanist Madrona Murphy, while our middle school students learned how to shear sheep and card wool with Orcas Island's Amy Lum. Click here to read more!

Farm to Classroom Bulletin, October 2016. As we prepped the garden for the colder months here on Orcas, we took this as an opportunity to discuss the importance of saving seeds. We took a field trip to the Public Library's Seed Library, sorted though our garden harvested seeds, worked hard to cover garden beds and celebrated the end of the growing season with a pizza party. Click here to read more!

Farm to Classroom Bulletin, September 2016. Our K-5 Farm to Classroom students returned to the garden classroom for another wonderful year. Our days were full of edible garden tours, beet painting and tasting, apple tasting, a visit from a local calf and more.  Click here to read about what we did in September!

The Marshall Strawberry with Leah Gauither, May 2016. Artist Leah Gauither joined us for class to speakabout her revitalization work and even got her hands dirty teaching us how to carefully uproot and trim our garden grown strawberry shoots to ensure another successful growing season. To make her visit even more memorable, she graciously donated TWO Marshall Strawberry starts to allow our students to have a hand in helping this tasty berry make a come back! Click here to read more about her visit.

To celebrate Earth Day 2016, our students walked through Eastsound singing songs and sharing smiles! See more pictures in our blog!

Winter in the classroom, February 2016: Orcas Public School students were welcomed back from winter break by grey skies and rainy days as Farm to Classroom moved indoors to savor the last of the season’s garden goody abundance. With the garden at rest, Miss Mandy and garden keeper Colleen brought some of the outdoor goodness inside with lessons like calendula salve making, sun catcher crafting, worm studying, cookie baking with flower petals, and seed saving. Click here to read more in our blog!